General advice to users:
  • Sit at a table when using FLIPTEZ® powders.
  • Children 4 - 7 may need parental supervision.
  • When tidying up it is best to use paper towel to wipe up any powder from the table. Sweep or vacuum the floor.
1.  Are the FLIPTEZ® powders toxic?
FLIPTEZ® are non-toxic powders.
2.  Are the FLIPTEZ® powders easy to wash from your hands?
"One swipe with a wipe" and your hands are clean.
3.  Will the FLIPTEZ® powders stain my clothes?
Dry FLIPTEZ® powders on clothing should go into the wash following washing instructions. If clothing is heavily stained or wet, follow the instructions of your washing detergent.
4.  How do I clean the FLIPTEZ® powders from the table or bench top?
Dry FLIPTEZ® powders can be swept into a pan or wiped with a dry cloth or the applicators provided. When using FLIPTEZ® wet, it is advisable to have a cover over table. Please follow the instructions of your household cleaning product, normally used on the affected surface.
5.  Will the FLIPTEZ® powders hurt my skin?
FLIPTEZ® powders are non-toxic. If skin irritation exists, please see your doctor.
6.  What do I do if I get powder in my eyes?
Seek medical direction if necessary.
7.  Are FLIPTEZ® powders acid free?
International standard chemical analysis on FLIPTEZ® indicate that they are acid free.
Disclaimer: Although EzyShaid® Colour has taken every care that the information supplied is correct, EzyShaid® Colour take no responsibility for unforseen circumstances.

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